Voice & Data


Phone, Internet, Cable TV… Do I call an Electrician for that? YES! JAG Electrical Systems, LLC have techs trained just for that reason. Our techs go through extensive training to keep up with today’s ever changing technology, you can count on us to know and help you with exactly what you need.


With the evolution of the internet, home networks, audio/visual equipment, automation and lighting control systems it is no longer sufficient to wire a new home in a traditional manner. Modern home buyers are not satisfied with standard electrical service consisting of mechanical light switches and basic low voltage connections for telephone service. New home buyers expect broadband internet and Local Area Networking to distribute internet throughout the home. Similarly, it is no longer sufficient to route RG6 cable or a VHF antenna lead for television. Proper Audio/Video distribution permits homeowners to use High Definition televisions, A/V Receivers, set top Cable and Satellite boxes and Multimedia systems.
Insufficient pre-wiring of a home can lead to costly retrofitting.

If you are building or planning to build, we can help ensure that your home is ready for today's modern electronic equipment.